Gigabyte for high-end player industry release

Killer sequence mother panel is Gb the best approval of re-breakthrough.Gigabyte for high-end player industry release the the G1.Killer Series game mother panel the sequence G1.Packaging the top side reduced right area of the G1-killer brand is particularly popular cheapest wow gold, a dish edge of the Competitors is about to started.


Killer a new mother panel, statements to have “super vision”, “super hearing”, “ultra great speed” and “super protective” four abilities, is actually to boost the video cards crossfire mother panel separate audio processor, an separate power cards program / interface, and weaponry type chilling / mime and other areas of significant marketing, settings and style of more higher than the common high-end motherboards.


G1 monster sequence has three designs, namely the G1, of Guerrilla (guerrillas), G1, Sniper (sniper), G1, Killer RS Silver. the ranking in turn improved to RS Silver. “Guerrillas” are versatile, extremely precise sniper RS Gold, while the assassin resolutely, so the devices settings of the assassin is the most finish sequence of the most high-end items.

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